tiistai 4. lokakuuta 2011

Ja näi se kuukle kääntää:

Voi yhen kerran sentää!

Amerikkalainen mythopolis joka pitää blogia Life`s bone, kommentoi erääseen juttuuni että jos google-kääntäjää on uskominen, en käy ihan täysillä...

Jaa mää vai??

Tartti kokeilla ihan itte ja käännätin tuan edellisen jutun.

TATTADAA... tälläne siit tuli:

Grandma sometimes say sillai wiisaasti:
"Tears before bedtime
fart a lot of laughing. "

Tääpää is laughed at in recent times and a lot of time.

Mainly ittelleen.
And a friend.

Siinnä oo yes nothing new, but now it starts to feel like that goes in a pathetic side.
And if oikeen carefully thinking about their pikemminki Tan and maybe it'd worth parkuu.

If oisvat ällänneet.Mut eihä they sit ällänny.

Saturday evening's intoxication on the island:

- Is siul measure illaks plans?
- No oo.
- Tuutsie here?

- Mennääks caravan to sit there?
- Yeah mennää.

Tonkkaviini table and Teppo and Tuppu ring.

- To be low-romantillisii?
- Yeah we are.

We put a candle on fire and raised the creaking kinttumme sofa.

We listened, and Mattia Teppoaki low and the music swung tahissa.
And yell out with.

Niikö always talk to men the transition.
Or So siihe, you can not question Niit sillai right now oo jonoks up.

Well, okay, I have not had herratiesmillon!

Olis, or, if you do not oltas their fussy.

Little you were forced to remember the requirements, you Milla was sillo ku ... and yep herttinen sellanenki experience was, after all, sometimes.
Thinks .. mite was sekii päässy unehtumaan??
We shared experiences with each other.

Rätkätystä their rite that meinas pissit become pants!

(A common problem with this medium-äkäisillä!)
Paitti that does not ystääväni viel oo dude.

- Oonksmie told Aunesta and the Pacific, and begetting stick bridge?
- You do oo.
- Well. TAA is therefore true, and I was in such events sillo kroonikko department at work.

"Double room and a room Aune and Tyyne.
Aune was a bright, round and very kiukkunen mummukka eastern Finland.
Tyyne was dark, and very gentle Pikkarainen mummukka from the same place.
Mie and seed were the only similarities.

Aune never smiled.
Smiled calmly at all times.

We went with a colleague to "bedding-round."

Calmly in the midst of a chat of treatment.

- Well onks siul already katottunt groom?
- Yeah se.Sillee after all, sort of ...
- Oh, that you have a nice miusta sellane.Kyl mie mie question I remember I was young people and boys riiustin gas! Oh!

Belonged to the adjacent petistä Aunen crotchety snort:
- Sie is not gonna be the man never kuitenkaa saanu!

Hiplasi calmly with a smile masking her, turned and replied:

- Oh, veikkonen sinuu Aune!
Hear niist mulukuist drank miul is ollu, even though the bridge-piece stick ruottiin up!

Moment was absolutely quiet.
Aune, then lifted his head and kivahti:

- Arvasinhan mie! Whore you're sie!

Repesimme colleague with just giggle uncontrollably, and surprise surprise!

Aune, even smiling! "

Tirskuimme jutulle this with a friend in stomach curl ..... until ...

- Tiiätsie what?
- Well?
- This is the time to pitiful.
- Oh niikö what?
- Tas sit later on Saturday evening mass and kahestaa tunnelmoi vingutaa that mitää tapahu.
- ?????
- Tiiätsie otherwise you sit with?
- Well?
- Having met no amends will never taijjeta saaha!
- Compliance with Ou ...

- Meist will Aune and Tyyne ...
- Which seed you?
- Well Tyyne tietenkii!
- Nonnii! And I'm you Aune. Nice to you!
- Oh, how did their?
- Well Tyyne sentää got!

It is a sauna!

Dear mythopolis!You are so right!
I am REALLY very crazy person, and "I do not visit the fullest.(suora kuuklen käännös lauseesta:enkä käy ihan täysillä!)

Se on sau!
Eli It is a sauna!